My Post Postmodernism View of Psychology and My Bible Based Christianity

My Post Postmodernism View of Psychology and My Bible Based Christianity

Daniel R. Boliek



My Brain Process

My Motivation

My Environments
My Mindset
My Social Attitude
My Story
My Grit
My Purpose
My Hope
My Belief

This is a personal statement about my faith and practice; “My Post Postmodernism View of Psychology and My Bible Based Christianity”. As I study and mature, my view may change. It will always be a “work in progress”. It is not intended to be a comprehensive or specialized treatise. It is simply a game I play with myself. It is a thought stimulator, every time I read it, I think of something else to add.

I am attempting to write concise statements which most people in my tribes (associations) would understand and would consider valid. It is from my thoughts and interpretation about what I have read in psychology, sociology, philosophy and theology over many years.

I have a very concise style of writing. That is a euphemism for, I write for content and concept rather than good grammer.You may need to read a paragraph a few times to understand the relationship and order of all of the thoughts. There are also some intentional threads of thought which are contrasting “mind” and “spirit”.

There are so many variables and associations in the mind-body mental process and interaction with other people that it is difficult to write about it and be concise, comprehensive and orderly. What I have written are topical paragraphs (statements) which are in topical relationship with other topical paragraphs in a loosely defined category of subject. Come to think of it, that is the nature of most of us in Human life. We’re Like topical paragraphs trying to find other topical paragraphs to be in a loosely defined topical relationship.

It is not about Psychology per se, but how psychological terms relate to what, how and why I think. I think it is descriptive of many psychological functions and dysfunctions in real human life (folk psychology). It also includes a spiritual dimension to our possibilities which psychology usually avoids.

In his book, The True Believer, Eric Hoffer quotes Montaigne, “All I say is by way of discourse, and nothing by way of advice. I should not speak so boldly if it were my due to be believed.”. That would also apply to what I have written here. It is my conceptual model messing with your cerebellum. If you do not want your cerebellum messed with, do not read any further.

Psychology is not just about helping people with mental or thinking problems. (therapy) It is about understanding what may help anyone.

It is also about my New Covenant view of Christianity. (1, 2, 7) see Endnotes for explanation of colors.

So, who am I? (body, soul (mind, emotion, will) and “spirit”) (9)(bipartite vs. tripartite)

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