My nurtured nature

My nurtured nature is more important than my fundamental innate nature. My nurture is “what I learn from every experience”. What I learn depends on my nature. To some extent, nurture, especially love or spiritual, can change my nature. My nurtured nature determines my mindset which makes me who I am through life. (a bruiser or a cruiser, being in tune or out of tune, liking country music or not liking country music, wayward, self-absorbed rebel, curmudgeon or agreeable and pleasant) Nurture starts at a very early age and continues until most of our brain circuits have been connected, which is when I figure out for myself “cause and effect”. An early positive start of feeling loved is important. It sets the tone of how I respond to nurturing. That is why it is fortunate to be born into a functioning family. (A village can provide sustenance but, not this type of family love.) The most important trait to nurture is an attitude of concern for others (love) rather than for myself.  This is not natural and sometimes it takes a religious experience rather than nurture to get it. My spiritual understanding, if it is functioning, is a deeper part of my mindset than my intelligence.

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