My Disposition

My disposition is a unique mind-body synthesis, (predisposition, tendency, instinct) is written into the DNA of my mind. (Psychological nativism, innatism, epigenetics) This is most likely a basic determining factor in who I will become. (my means it is unique to me.) Disposition can be positive or negative, good or evil and can be changed based on learning the attitude and alternatives to change it. Disposition is the beginning of conscience, which is based on my connection with my family and my society. When I act or think against my conscience it produces negative emotions. Negative emotions cause moods. Moods make me think about what is wrong and change or eliminate my thinking. Doing “bad” things may not produce an emotion if it is consistent with my disposition. But doing “good” things for others should always produce positive emotions. Positive moods tend to make me more tolerant, creative, generous and fun to be with. Religion can make the transition from bad feelings to good feelings by highlighting the bad in all of us and creating a desire for change.


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