1 John

Here Constable describes the Christian Life as what I do rather than who I am. Who I am is a better understanding of the quality of Life with God, than what I need to do to be who I am.



Each of these three false claims in verses 6, 8, and 10 is a denial of the
truth that immediately precedes it in verses 5, 7, and 9—respectively. The
corrective to each of the first two false claims follows in the verse
immediately after each claim.
Truth False claim
God is light (v. 5). We have fellowship with Him
(v. 6).
Walking in the light is necessary for
fellowship with God (v. 7).
We have no guilt for sin (v. 8).
Confession is necessary to restore
fellowship with God (v. 9).
We have not sinned (v. 10).
“It would be difficult to find any single passage of
Scripture more crucial and fundamental to daily Christian
living than 1 John 1:5-10. For here, in a few brief verses,
the ‘disciple whom Jesus loved’ has laid down for us the
basic principles which underlie a vital walk with God.”75
“What then is the principle of fellowship with God?
Succinctly stated, it is openness to God and full integrity in
the light of His Word.”76
“The Christian religion is the religion of sinners. The
Christian life is a life of continued repentance, of continual
faith in, thankfulness for, and love to the Redeemer.”77
2:1 John’s preceding comments on the inevitability of sinful behavior (vv. 6-
10) could have led his readers to two conclusions. Either: it is useless to
strive against sin, since we can never in this life be done with it; or, if
escape from sin is so easy, why dread falling into it?78 John proceeded to
assure his readers here that he did not want them to sin at all (cf. John
5:14). This was one of his purposes in writing this epistle, and it is the
third of John’s five purpose statements (cf. 1:3, 4). Avoidance of sin is
important, even though it is not entirely possible.
“Thus far John’s epistle has announced its purpose (1:1-4),
affirmed God’s character as light (1:5), and explored
implications of God’s character for life in the Christian
community (1:6-10), focusing on appropriate and

Source: 1 John

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